Posted by: Patrick Mosolf | Saturday, 28 August, 2010

Oppressive Heat in the Plains of Burma

Well I absolutely hate it when I don’t even get in a post in a whole month.

Have been in Burma/ Myanmar for the last week, and was having a great time at Bagan. It was really hot but somehow I managed to get around the old temples there. Other than the pesky sellers it was fine.  A few days ago there was an incredible rainbow during a late afternoon rain.  Burma is still a very traditional society, compared to Cambodia, Vietnam, or Thailand.

Unfortunately a few days ago I slept beneath the air conditioner and caught an awful cold. Now I have to face my long trip back home with this awful cold.

I met a few lovely people while in Bagan but not sure if I will ever see them again because of how hard it is to use e mail there. The other day it took me 30 minutes to read two e mails and send one e mail. (That’s in Bagan, not Rangoon).

Anyway, hope to write more in September!


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