Posted by: Patrick Mosolf | Wednesday, 9 February, 2011

More Worrying Signs: Second Massive Drought in Amazon

There was a ‘widespread drought’ in the amazon rainforest last year, which caused a die-off of trees. These dead trees will now release carbon into the atmosphere as they decompose.  Allegedly, the CO2 emitted from these trees that died will be more than the US produces in one year.


It also means the Amazon did not absorb as much CO2 from the atmosphere as it normally would.


But wait, it gets worse. This huge drought was the second in 6 years- there was another ‘once in a century’ drought in 2005.


I really worry about this problem.  An old friend is a complete skeptic about global warming and the effect of greenhouse gases.  I can’t understand how someone could come to this conclusion.  It’s one thing not to do anything about global warming; it’s another thing to deny it all together.


Something needs to be done quickly!

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