Posted by: Patrick Mosolf | Wednesday, 15 December, 2010

This Christmas, Plant a Live Christmas Tree to Celebrate

I just want to encourage people to buy a live tree for Christmas this year, keep it in your house for a few weeks, and then plant it, possibly in your yard.

This year I won’t have a Christmas tree, because Christmas is not really celebrated here (very quiet holiday, and also no expectations).  But I remember when I was younger, my family would buy a live tree, then plant it, usually in January.

Passing by our old house recently,  I could see how big these trees had grown- they had really become majestic additions to the yard, street and house.

A live tree is also symbolic of a different level of consciousness, which is aware of the human impact on the environment.  The gesture to buy a live tree is small, but represents something nonetheless.

Let me know if you do it!

Have a green Christmas!


  1. i love christmas….

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