About the International Issue Forum site

This website- blog is intended to be a forum to discuss various things which are happening in the world, with the express purpose of trying to address problems and issues in the world in order to reduce people’s suffering and help protect wildlife and the planet. It is a also a place, not just to discuss external issues, but how working on these issues affects a person personally, and how someone’s personal life affects these actions.

Currently only a blog run by one person, it is intended to be a forerunner of a site with multiple users, in multiple languages, with forums for discussion about different places and issues in the world. As such, please do leave comments and offer your opinions, as this site is really meant to be for more than one user anyway.

For more information on me personally, please read my post The Twists and Turns on the Path of My Life in Activism.

I am not sure if the name of the blog is the best one- if you have suggestions, please do comment.

If you would like to contact me in regards to this site, please e mail: interissueforum [@] hotmail . com  (of course you need to adjust the e mail address).


  1. i see-good luck with that plan!

  2. Jan- please join in!

  3. Condition of Hindus getting worse in Sindh, Pakistan
    As the years are passing the condition of Hindus is getting worse in Sindh, Pakistan. Many of Hindu families of Sindh, Pakistan have migrated from Pakistan to India. The main reason of migration of Hindus from is Hindus is that their daughters and sisters are kidnapped and are forced to convert to Islam and their children are kidnapped and their parents are asked for ransom. Many of the Hindus are killed because their families were not able to pay ransom because they had nothing to give. Reffering to the incident that took place on February 24,2012 in Mirpur, Sindh that a Hindu girl was kidnapped and was forced to convert to Islam. The parents of that girl were helpless because all the politicians and Police of that city were involved in that case and even the relatives of that girl and her parents were not allowed to enter in court at the time of decision. All i want to say that we want help of Hindus of all over the world .

  4. Avinash,

    I support the right to freedom of religion, so I support you in this… everyone should have the right to choose their religion and how they express it, so they should not be under any legal or social pressure to change it. Unfortunately not all people abide by this…

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