Posted by: Patrick Mosolf | Sunday, 14 February, 2010

10,000 Page Views for International Issue Forum

Well, the page views keep rolling in… Even though I’d like to have more readers of course, it is nice to see that so many people have looked at this website in one form or another over the last two years.

Its also encouraging to see how many people from different countries have been watching!  So strange to be staying in one place but still have some small influence in many different parts of the world!

Lately the favorite post has been “Should a Man Always Pay for a Woman on a Date?”  It seems many people are interested in this subject- it must be something which affects people on a regular basis.  Another post which has been popular on a long term basis has been “Dissecting the New World Order Conspiracy”.  Amazing how many people have heard of and been affected by this group of conspiracy theories!

Well, I’d better get back to writing!  Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Chinese New Year!

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