Posted by: Patrick Mosolf | Tuesday, 7 April, 2009

Song Recording: You’re A Big Girl Now, by Bob Dylan

“You’re a Big Girl Now”

Link to Quicktime Player of This Recording

(To listen to the recording above with the music player, click on the arrow facing right.  However, this will lead to an interrupted version of the song as it downloads.  To avoid this, first click on the arrow and then press the pause button.  While it is paused, the computer will continue to download it, and after a few minutes (depending on the speed of your connection), you should be able to listen to the song uninterrupted.)

This is a cover of a Bob Dylan song on his album “Blood on the Tracks”, which was released in 1975.  Most people have probably never heard it, but the sound of it appeals to me and so I learned to play it.  It is pretty different from the original because of Bob Dylan’s unique vocal style, which I could not, and would not want to imitate.  So, unlike some of my other covers, which are pretty close to the original, this one is more of an interpretation.

This song is a multi-track recording. I know it is not perfect- there is a lot of background noise, aside from the errors I made in playing it. But I enjoy putting my music online, and it might take me forever to perfect it, so I have put it online even in its imperfect condition.

I hope you enjoy, and please leave any comments on how it could be improved!  Happy listening!



  1. I like it! More ….. more …..more….! ;-)

    • Thanks Dad! It seems like you may be the only one! : )

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