Posted by: Patrick Mosolf | Tuesday, 7 April, 2009

Song Recording: Song of Thanks (Danyavad)

Song of Thanks (Danyavad): Based on Indian Classical Music

Link to Quick Time Player of This Recording

(To listen to the recording above with the music player, click on the arrow facing right. However, this will lead to an interrupted version of the song as it downloads. To avoid this, first click on the arrow and then press the pause button. While it is paused, the computer will continue to download it, and after a few minutes (depending on the speed of your connection), you should be able to listen to the song uninterrupted.)

This song is a derivation of an Indian Classical music song which was on a cassette I bought in New Delhi. Since I no longer have that cassette on my person I don’t know the name of the original song, or even the singer. But the melody is so beautiful that it has long been in my mind, and I finally stumbled upon an appropriate chord for it.

I’m not even sure if the first word of the song is, in reality, “Danyavad” (which means “thank you” in Hindi). But it certainly sounded like it in the original recording. The rest of the “words” are not actually words at all- it is my form of “scat”, or vocal improvisation, which is vaguely based on the original sound of the words. In this case it is the feeling conveyed which is important, not the meaning of the words.

This is a live recording, which means it is not a multi- track recording.

Again, any comments or critiques are welcome.


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