Posted by: Patrick Mosolf | Wednesday, 11 March, 2009

International Issue Forum Reaches 6,000 Pageviews

While I haven’t been able to write recently, people continue to view older posts from the site. So another marker was passed recently with the 6,000th view.

I’m still thinking about how to make the site more like a forum, whereas now it is mostly my own writing, with a few comments. I would like to invite readers to write something about an issue that is of concern to them, or that they would like to discuss. If any readers are interested in writing something, they can leave a comment or write to the e mail adress on the “About” page.

Another idea is to organize a live forum and then write here about what was discussed- possibly with pictures. This would link the local event with a wider audience, and maybe inspire someone to hold their own forum or discussion group wherever they are!

Thanks to all those who have left comments!

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