Posted by: Patrick Mosolf | Wednesday, 19 November, 2008

Song: A Case of You, Originally Written by Joni Mitchell

I am re-publishing this song because I have made a new recording of it which is much better than the previous one. Click on the speaker icon above to hear my performance of the song “A Case of You”, written by Joni Mitchell, and included on her album “Blue” in 1971.

I first learned this song around 1994, and relearned it in 2006. It is performed in the same key as the original, only sung one octave lower.

Any comments are welcome!

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  1. never heard this song before, it must be an old song, right?

  2. Yes its a pretty old song… but not nearly as old as I am! :)

    Sometimes people outside of “western” countries may never have heard songs that are actually pretty well known. I was really surprised , when I used to live in Africa, that some of my friends did not know who The Beatles were!

  3. Enjoyed hearing your voice…I’ll have to find the Joni Mitchell version, also.

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