Posted by: Patrick Mosolf | Wednesday, 29 October, 2008

I’m Still Here…

I’ve been wanting to write lately but am not able to access the internet so often and I am also quite busy seeing all the different things to see in the latest country I’ve been traveling in. It seems like there are never enough hours in a day to do all the things I need/want to do. But I hope to write more soon, if at least just to say what I’ve been doing.

Tonight I went out to play music as a street performer- a good way to practice and maybe make a little money. Its hard to find a good place to play since other street performers are using up all of the good places around town. I meet a lot more people that way since it gives people some reason/ excuse to talk to me.

If you’re reading this please leave me a comment or get in touch!

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  1. so u get your comment…
    how much money did you make?
    what has been the most someone gave? (in USD)

  2. Hey Jan thanks for your comment! I couldn’t reply to you sooner because of difficulty accessing my blog from China.

    The street performing has been great- the most I got from one person was about 3 USD. Its not big money but its fun and a good way to meet people.

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